Conditioning Workouts I Enjoy

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1. 6 miles/300 push ups

For 6 rounds:

  • Run 1 mile
  • Do 50 push ups

2. 100 Burpees for Time

3. 150 Push ups With 50 lbs

For 15 Rounds:

10 Push ups with 50 lbs

Rest 45s

For more a challenge do it in <15 rounds.

4. The Murph

Run 1 Mile

100 Pull ups

200 Push ups

300 Squats

Run 1 Mile

In 20 lbs weighted vest

5. The “Tyson”

Based off of Mike Tyson’s Routine at camp. For extra challenge run 3-4 miles before the workout and ride the stationary bike for 60 mins after.

For 10 Rounds:

200 Sit ups

50 Bench Dips

50 Push ups

50 Shrugs with 60 lbs

6. Lower Body Hell

For 10 Rounds:

Sprint 400m ie 0.25 Mile

10 Lunges Per Leg

Jog 200m ie 1/8th of a mile

Squats 20

7. Nickels/Dimes

For 10 Rounds Every Minute on the Minute:

5 Pull ups

10 Push ups

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