Keto & Low Carb: Meme or Science

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1. Fat Loss

Keto proponents state ketogenic or low carb diets are superior for fat loss than other stratagems:

The studies show low carb ketogenic diets are at least as effective as other diets and calorie restriction for weight loss and may be superior in certain cases.

2. Health Effects

Mainly opponents of ketogenic diets state that it is bad for the health of the dieter and can cause an early death due to fat intake. Proponents state the opposite.

There doesn’t seem to be hugely negative health effects such as fat making you fat and a high fat diet causing you to have an heart attack and die. However, this doesn’t mean the keto diet is 100% risk free and healthy or effective for everyone. Yet it doesn’t mean it will result in an horrific death for you either. If you are bulking up I don’t personally recommend it. If you want to get lean or maintain leanness it may be an effective diet for you.

Further reading:

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