Nothing Can Withstand Relentless Aggression

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Nothing in life can stand the total and all encompassing assault of relentless aggression. The sort of aggression whereupon even if one is hanging on to life by a mere thread they stand up time and time again. As long as you have at least one more breath left you can attack something with aggression. That mere 10 seconds of energy can be all the difference.

Now I’m not saying to attack people aggressively either verbally or violently. I am taking here about your life pursuits and your life passions. Although there are circumstances were even gigantic opponents be them even nations have yielded to the aggression of a weaker one. And certainly in survival situations it is perhaps or should I say IS imperative to be aggressive.

So you have a goal in mind. Many people have the idea of getting in perfect shape. So when you have that naturally aggressive attitude you can attack your goal day after day. And when something seems to go wrong it fuels you with aggression to go after it even harder. Until day after day, personal battle after personal battle and so on and so forth it YIELDS to you.

If you are aggressive about losing fat you won’t stick that donut in your mouth because you don’t need any extra lard. If you are aggressive when you run you won’t feel the burn in your lungs, the lactic acid buildup, etc. The pain will make you angry as it attempts to hold you back. That anger and rage fuels your aggression even more towards achieving your end goal.

If you have some dream such as being self employed and you go after it with such aggression then you’ll be infinitely more probable to do so than if you dream and say what if. You may fail a thousand times and it may take years but you’ll reach your goal at the end attacking it ruthlessly and relentlessly day after day. Ignoring the set backs. The naysayers. Letting them fuel you with their nonsense, their envy, etc.

Go out and conquer!

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