The Sweet Lies the Fitness Industry Sells

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I am going to be frank and upfront with you. The fitness industry from YouTube fitness personality A to supplement store Z is lying to you about staying a natty lifter. No full body compound-based program will make you as massive, muscular or lean as a steroid user. Here’s why.

Steroids vs Being Natty

1. Steroid users who don’t life gain more muscle than naturals

According to this study: The Effects of Supraphysiologic Doses of Testosterone on Muscle Size and Strength in Normal Men by the New England Journal of Medicine. Which had 43 men taking 600mg of testosterone injections weekly for 10 weeks. The sedentary men given injections had greater increases in strength and muscle than the ones who lifted naturally. They had a net gain of 7 lbs compared to the no steroid natty lifters with a mass gain of 4 lbs. The roided lifters gained 13 lbs in mass. The roided lifters had an increase in strength of 38%. The natty lifters and the roiding sedentary individuals both had an increase of strength which was 21% and 19% respectively. Due to how steroids operate you can gain muscle and strength on them without even lifting.

Another study(on rabbits) showed that steroids can produce significant hypertrophy in sedentary individuals.

2. Steroids help with fat loss

This study of obese men showed those receiving steroids on a diet loss almost exclusively body fat vs the natty dieters.

3. Roiding if you’re already lean is more beneficial

If you are already lean or naturally lean steroids will go a longer ways. The fatter you are the more estrogenic effects you’ll get. Estrogen receptors are located in the adipose tissue (fat).

Supplement Scam

Supplements are often nothing more than a cash grab. It is proven you do not need as much protein as the so-called experts recommend. 0.6-0.8 grams per lbs in bodyweight is plenty. In fact in elite bodybuilders even 0.48g/lbs is fine. Nothing will give you much muscle and strength as steroids. Often enough you can find the bulk ingredients for supplements much cheaper.

Optimal Routines & Diets

Although it’s been demonstrated scientifically that full body compound based lifting programs and such are best for natural lifters steroid users or pro bodybuilders often utilize splits. Sometimes training one bodypart such as chest once a week.

Due to steroid use they only need a bit of muscle stimulation to grow. And due to wanting to avoid injury more often than not you’ll find them doing high reps with lightweights. This is the real reason they do this.

There is no magical rep or set scheme that’ll make you explode on the level as a steroid user.

Due to steroid, HGH and fat burner use bodybuilders can eat massive amounts of junk food and gain primarily muscle or even no fat.


They sell you those routines, supplements, etc to make money. Make a profit off you because you buy into their sweet lie. That there is some magical routine or diet or protein intake that’ll make you on equal ground as a steroid user.

I’m sorry there isn’t. Its ultimately either accept the risks legal and otherwise of steroid use or stay natty. Most of the fitness models, bodybuilders, actors etc that have great amazing physiques are either on low doses of T or clearly roiding. Not to say you can’t get ripped and look good as a natty. But you can’t get as huge and as lean as they are without the genetics or steroids.

And that’s the truth.

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