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Building The Beast (Free PDF ebook)

Building the Beast. Topics include bodybuilding, building strength, fat loss, bulking, supplements and example routines. All in a short and concise no nonsense manner. CLICK ME TO DOWNLOAD

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Weights & Calisthenics Program

This routine is to combine lifting and calisthenics into one. It is one way of doing it and how I like to divide it up. You can be advanced at calisthenics but novice at weightlifting or vice versa. Notes on core work(abs) and conditioning: You can do conditioning after or before the workout I recommend

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Iron Addicts “My Top 10 Lifting Routines”

Someone asked me the other day that even though I trained people so many different ways I must have a favorite way to train. And I told them that I do have a favorite way to train myself, but not a favorite way to train everyone because everyone is quite different and there truly is

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Iron Addict’s Simple Power Based Routine

Here is a routine a LARGE percentage of the lifters here could make great gains doing. Monday Squat or box squat 2-3 x 5Glute/Ham Raises or pullthroughs 3 x 10Bent Row or Chest Supported row 4 x 6Barbell or Dumbbell Curl 3 x 8Calf Raises 3 x 15 Wednesday Bench Press or low board press

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Home Workout With No Squat Rack, Bench or Equipment

I’m going to assume for whatever reason you have no gym access, no squat rack and no bench but you may have some adjustable dumbbells and a barbell with plates. You can still get fit and strong without it. However, if you want to get into powerlifting I recommend investing into both of these things

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Exercise Substitutes

1. Squat Some people do not want to squat or they cannot squat. If you aren’t planning to become a powerlifter, just don’t want to squat or simply can’t squat due to medical or mobility issues then you can substitute it for another movement. Instead of the squat I want you to focus on three

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Books I Recommend (July 2019)

Beyond No Mean Soldier: The Explosive Recollections of a Former Special Forces Operator Can’t Hurt Me Living with a SEAL: 31 Days Training with the Toughest Man on the Planet Beyond Bodybuilding: Muscle and Strength Training Secrets for The Renaissance Man Legionnaire: The Real Life Story of an Englishman in the French Foreign Legion Starting

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