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High Intensity Interval Cardio (HIIT) vs Low Intensity Steady State Cardio (LISS)

Low intensity steady state cardio or LISS can be defined as cardiovascular exercise such as jogging, walking, etc done for 30-60 minutes at a rate of 60% of the maximal heart rate. High intensity interval training or HIIT (not to be confused with HIT bodybuilding training) is doing an exercise (burpees or sprints) at a

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Conditioning Workouts I Enjoy

1. 6 miles/300 push ups For 6 rounds: Run 1 mile Do 50 push ups 2. 100 Burpees for Time 3. 150 Push ups With 50 lbs For 15 Rounds: 10 Push ups with 50 lbs Rest 45s For more a challenge do it in <15 rounds. 4. The Murph Run 1 Mile 100 Pull

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