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Keto & Low Carb: Meme or Science

1. Fat Loss Keto proponents state ketogenic or low carb diets are superior for fat loss than other stratagems: A common, albeit inaccurate, axiom in nutrition is that a calorie is a calorie (i.e., the distribution of macronutrient has no effect independent of total energy). In respect to body composition, convincing evidence of the importance

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What I Think Is The Healthiest Diet

The modern diet we have today has only been around for about 10,000 years. And if you look at the typical Western or American diet it’s full of processed foods, high fructose corn syrup and refined sugar and salt. And it’s become to the point where being obese or overweight is the norm. I’ve spent

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Practical Fat Loss for Everyone

I’ve been a fat guy before. Here’s my photo from 10 years ago: Here is a recent photo of me: In between that I was actually a really skinny guy (165 lbs at 6′) My weight has fluctuated quite a bit over the years. 1. Avoiding fad diets Fad diets are bullshit. There’s no shortcut

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