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Steroids & SARMs Cheat Sheet

These are posted purely for educational purposes and harm reduction. In certain countries or jurisdictions SARMs or steroids are illegal. In context of drug tested competitions they are banned. I’ve decided to post them for informational and academic purposes only. Do not replicate or emulate this information.

How to Use MK-677

Ibutamoren also known as MK-677 or Nutrabol often gets mislabeled as a SARM but it is in fact a growth hormone secretagogue. It is not currently approved for human consumption and has the long term effects have not been fully studied I do not recommend taking it. However, some individuals have been using it as

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Minimalist 2 Day Push/Pull Routine

I have two versions of this program for novices and one for more intermediate lifters. This is a simple yet effective program for someone without alot of time to workout but still wants to get muscular and strong. Novice Version: Push Day: Bench Press 3×5 Overhead Press or Seated DB Press 3 x 5 Squat

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The Simplest Anabolic Diet for Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

The steak and egg diet is one of the most anabolic diets you can do to build muscle and lose fat. There is no counting calories involved. Monday – Saturday: 2 meals will be 6 eggs and a steak cooked in butter. Optionally for dinner in some sources Vince recommended a small salad of green

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Ebook Released: Building The Beast

New book released in PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats. Topics include bodybuilding, building strength, fat loss, bulking, supplements and example routines. All in a short and concise no nonsense manner. Buy now!

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