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Iron Addicts “My Top 10 Lifting Routines”

Someone asked me the other day that even though I trained people so many different ways I must have a favorite way to train. And I told them that I do have a favorite way to train myself, but not a favorite way to train everyone because everyone is quite different and there truly is

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Iron Addict’s Simple Power Based Routine

Here is a routine a LARGE percentage of the lifters here could make great gains doing. Monday Squat or box squat 2-3 x 5Glute/Ham Raises or pullthroughs 3 x 10Bent Row or Chest Supported row 4 x 6Barbell or Dumbbell Curl 3 x 8Calf Raises 3 x 15 Wednesday Bench Press or low board press

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PPL or Push/Pull/Legs Routine. Is simple push days you work all the push muscles ie chest, triceps and shoulders. Pull days are back and biceps — the “pulling” muscles. Leg days are simple you work the legs. Examples 3 Day/Week Note: this is not an optimal routine but may function well enough for a novice.

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