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Common Ingredients in Over the Counter Supplements & How to Make Your Own

You do not need to go to GNC buy $200-300 worth or more supplements sold by needle warriors and athletes that probably don’t even use it. Here I’m going to discuss these things you can buy on Amazon, bulk stores, or sometimes even generic grocery stores and make your own pre workout, post workout, etc.

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How to Use SARMs

1. RAD-140 RAD-140 is a SARM developed by Radius Health in 2010 as a treatment for osteoporosis and cancer patients to preserve muscle loss. It is also known by the generic name testolone. The dosage is 20-30 mg on a daily basis for a duration of 12 weeks. After using I recommend a small post

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Fenugreek: An Effective Natural Testosterone Booster

Studies have shown that fenugreek can boost libido and testosterone levels in men. In one 8 week study of college-aged male weightlifters who lifted 4x a week it was found a dose of 500mg daily had significant benefits. Other studies have shown a decrease in body fat (by 2%) and increases in strength, sexual function

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Getting Rid of Gyno (Manboobs) Without Surgery

Gynecomastia is a very embarrassing condition where men develop female breast tissue either due to hormonal imbalances or steroid use. 1. Losing Fat If you are overweight or obese the first thing you should do is lose some weight. You have to get on a solid diet and exercise plan and get down to a

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Ginseng: An Excellent Supplement for Men

1. Erectile Dysfunction In numerous studies in addition to other treatments and by itself ginseng has been shown to treat ED in men. To supplement for this problem someone should take 1000 mg of Korean red ginseng three times daily for 12 weeks. 2. Libido & Increased Testosterone Ginseng has been proven to increase sex

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